Introduction– There is no second thought to the fact that a perfectly baked has all the power to lift our mood. When we’re dull and gloomy, a piece of our favorite cake takes us out from this darkness. When we’re happy and cheerful, a bite of plum or black forest cake intensifies our elation. Such is the power of a cake. Now, what all it takes to bake such succulent and scrumptious cake? Well, a custom cake pan, loads of hard work, and some useful tips.

Here is our rundown of 8 super tricks to baking a cake that is both sumptuous and delightful.

1)    All the ingredients of a sumptuous cake get mixed well in an apt mixing bowl– Baking a cake requires as much as precision as an experiment. Everything should be in right proportion and amount. However, it is found that people used to ignore the importance of the bowl or utensil that you are using while mixing all the ingredients. What’s the use of having a bowl which doesn’t have sufficient space to take all the ingredients? Most importantly, a fluffy cake demands an extensive blending and beating to get the sponginess.  The foam-like texture that melts in your mouth comes via thorough mixing and blend and a right mixing bowl is your only essential aid to achieve this. Make sure you pick the right bowl as per the whole quantity of your ingredients. There should be ample space to whisk the batter thoroughly.

2)    Take the right tools on the board to get the job done– Have you ever wondered how effortlessly the professional bakers bake a cake? Well, this is not a magic but it’s right tools and techniques that made this possible. You should not only acquire all the know-how of baking a cake but also should collect the information about the right tools beforehand. Once you have gain access to all essential tools of baking such as personalized cake pan, parchment paper, etc., the sweet success is on its way.

3)    Measurements do matter- The secret behind a delicious cake is the right ingredients in the right quantity. When you bake, each speck gets its counting. For accurate measuring, we would suggest you get a kitchen weighing scale as it will lend a hand to measure all the ingredients accurately and effortlessly. In a void of this, odds are there you will end up baking a cake which is twice in size as of your requirements and unsavory.

4)    It’s time to recall your chemistry lessons – As mentioned earlier, baking a cake is like carrying out an experiment. With so much of ingredients, it is necessary to understand the chemistry among all the ingredients. For instance, flour has gluten that proffers your cake consistency and structure. Don’t choose any other ingredient which might hamper this quality of gluten. Like ways, mixing baking soda or powder, which gives fluffiness to your cake, should not be mix with something that will neutralize its effect. Many other essential ingredients such as sugar and eggs are also there for a specific reason and purpose rather than giving taste. So, it is essential to know the chemistry of your ingredient to shun any blunder.

5)    Size matters- The size of your baking pan is another vital factor to consider when you want to bake a perfect cake. In general, your cake increases 50 to 100 percent of its initial volume. Don’t make a mistake to pick 8-inch round pan to bake a 9-inch cake. If this is the case with you then we are sure that you are going to waste a good amount of your yummy cake. It’s better to go for a personalized cake pan as it will give you the freedom to choose as per your requirement. You can personalize it in a color of your choice, and the shape which you like. Round and square are common shapes and don’t give you the zest of extraordinary when you require to bake a cake which is not a run of the mill.  But a personalized cake pan proffers you the ability to bake in a shape of your choice.

6)    The right flour is the secret behind a spongy cake– There are numerous varieties of flour available in the market and each variant has a different percentage of protein and gluten in it. Depending upon the amount of gluten percentage in the flour, your cake takes its structure. The flour with least protein is ideal to bake a spongy cake. On the other hand, flour with high gluten will make your cake hard and rigid. Thus, pay attention to the type of flour if you want to bake a spongy cake.

7)    Let it cool properly- Baking is not about only the heating inside the oven. Cooling of a cake calls for a special technique which is a cooling in the pan on a wire cake. It should be laid undisturbed for good 20-minute for proper cooling. After 20-minutes put a dish on the top of the pan and invert the pan. A gentle shake on the sides is demanded an effortless release.

8)    The icing on the cake– Despite all these above-mentioned techniques, a professional frosting is what makes your cake more presentable. Don’t underestimate the power of a precisely and beautifully done frosting of a cake. Start with a small drop of frosting in the center of the cake and start with the top. Slowly and steadily move downwards. Use of offset spatula makes it an effortless task.

Baking is an art which calls right tools such as a personalized cake pan to create a work-of-genius. So, learn the tricks, get proper equipment, and enjoy the treat of your baked cake.


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