With time more and more IT organizations have understood the importance of data deduplication for their business. They are now aware of the importance of the technique and its natural fit with the backup infrastructure to save time and money. A large number of enterprises have already invested in the technology at their backup source to ensure high-quality of the data maintained by them. Apart from ensuring that the database doesn’t have duplicate entries, dedupe also helps the organizations save storage space consumed by the data backup.

The best part about the range of dedupe software available in the market today is that these perfectly resonate with the present data growth and allow the users to get the best output from their storage capacity. But just buying deduplication software is not the guarantee of reduced storage space or accurate data. To get maximum benefits from the technology, you need to effectively plan and manage deduplication process.

How does dedupe technology resolve issues?

The basic technique is almost similar in all the data deduplication technologies available in the market. All the products compare new data with the existing data and replace the repeated entries with a pointer instead of storing the complete information again.

The major difference between the available options is the way they carry out deduplication. Some products perform deduplication inline while others are designed to do it post-process. In inline data deduplication the data is replaced before it is committed to the disk to reduce the space consumption while in post-process deduplication, as the name suggests, the process takes place after ingestion of the backup data.

The first step in data deduplication process is to choose the best dedupe technology. To take the maximum advantage of deduplication through dedupe technology, you need to understand how and where dedupe applications run. While picking the right option for your database, you should keep the outcome of the data deduplication product and the variable that affect them. The need of choosing the right product has increased more with the speed at which data deduping has transformed from a technology to a plateauing of adoption levels.

As every data deduplication vendor has own way of completing the process, you should analyze each and every option carefully before singling out the final option. For this, you should first have knowledge of different options and the techniques to choose the best from them. So here are some tips to help you choose right dedupe technology from the available options in the market.

Assessment of backup regime

To buy the best data deduplication software, you should first assess the nature of the backup regime in which the data deduplication has to be adjusted. This will help you pick the right type of product for your database.

Source Dedupe

For instance, if the purpose of using dedupe is a remote office backup strategy, you will look for options in the source duplication. It, as the name suggests, works at the source server making is suitable for the businesses that wish to reduce their data volume before transferring it over the wire.

Target Dedupe

This technology is suitable for the businesses where the data can be transferred before processing by the dedupe engine.

Purpose of using the software

The objective of the organization has a huge impact on the type of dedupe software it goes for. The requirement of dedupe technology will be different for a business looking for the software to re-architect its backup and recovery infrastructure from the one that wants to integrate a dedupe software into its existing system.

The company that wants the software to re-architect its backup environment should pay attention to the functionality of the software. It should buy a product that can merge with company’s existing environment. On the other hand, a company looking for an option just to refresh its backup and recovery environment should be more concerned about the final outcome and buy software that best meets its requirements.

Bandwidth Savings

Some businesses are more concerned with bandwidth savings for data backup while others focus on storage. Selection of dedupe technology completely depends on the purpose of the business. In businesses where Wide-area network (WAN) bandwidth is a limitation, source deduplication is used for data backup of remote offices. Where the objective is to reduce recovery data through redundant data elimination after backup, target deduplication is given more preference. Companies with storage-area networks (SAN) environments, local-area network (LAN) backups and large database without any problem of bandwidth enjoy high gains from target backup technology.

Tape reduction or tap liquidation

Businesses usually select between tape and disk due to the cost associated with them. No doubt, every business wants to save money by minimizing unwanted expenses, but in some situations, there is no other option than tape. Legal or compliance reasons are the examples where there is no option of getting away from tape. In such a situation, the companies need to carefully think about the data dedupe product that needs to be integrated with the auxiliary tape copies. There are some dedupe software options in the market which effectively integrate with the tape devices and directly provide the copies from the deduplication unit. To ensure that you get the best product for your requirements, look for the options which present themselves to the backup system as a VTL. The benefit of going for this choice is that these come with data logically arranged onto virtual tape cartridges.

Once you understand your requirements and availability of different options with their functionality, you will be able to eliminate products which don’t suit your dedupe plans. After shortlisting the suitable ones, based on the functionality, hash-based algorithms, software vs. hardware, you will be able to buy the best dedupe software in your budget.

Choosing the right software is the first step when starting down the road to data deduping and the tips given here will help you complete this task with perfection.

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