The existence of social media right now is really popular since people from all parts of this earth can get connected for easy only by a piece of application and an internet connection. There are a lot of types of social media with the various features. Sometimes we often get unsatisfied with the existence of the features on the social media which only shows text, pictures, and many other conventional features. Sometimes it makes people bored. The audio visual media can be the better thing to keep connected to others.

It can be much more interesting and fun. However, could we find a social media with video base feature? We talk about the microvideos site then. It is quite interesting, right? A social media with the video base features. We can share and express our fun videos there. Thus, people or members of this social networking can easily get our idea and expression from our videos.

You can easily record a short 36-second video as your new keek, and then share it automatically to your other social networks account such as Facebook, Twitter, or Tumblr with a single click. You can also comment on other keeks, as well as subscribing and following some interesting keek. Similar to Twitter, you can get to know what topic is trending currently, and you can engage in the hot discussion right away.

This site is popular since there are a lot of people who become the member or have been joined in this site. We also can enjoy various unique videos there. For the easier way, we can install the application of Keek on our iPhone or Android smart phone to get the easy way on accessing and enjoying all features.

When we talked about famous people who already joined Keek, we talk about today’s celebrities like Kendall Jenner, Kylie Jenner, Austin Mahone, and Christian Beadles. If you don’t know yet about this famous young model Kendall Jenner, you should click here to learn more about her. Christian Beadles is another young artist who is famous as a rapper and video maker on YouTube. He also has a large number of fans.


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