The technology has introduced the cell phones a decade ago, and in the present world, we have seen plenty of smartphones running with the different operating systems such as Androids. The android phones are one of the popular gadgets these days. Everyone has their individual phones and plenty activities on the Android devices such as they do calls, text messages, shared archives shared media files such as photos and videos. The use of social media apps is also very common these days on android cell phones such as Facebook, Tinder, Line, Vine, Viber, Skype, Whatsapp and plenty of others alike.

On the other hand, the youth is very fond of these mobile phone gadgets and in the business organizations, employers also provide android cell phones to their employees that usually deals with the clients online or on the local network through calls and text messages. Then what to do, if someone wants to get their hands on all the activities a user is doing on the android phones. The answer is pretty simple; they just need to use the android monitoring app in particular. But before spying on the android phones they have to install the cell phone spy software on the target android device.

Install cell phone tracking spyware on Android

If someone desperately wants to spy on anyone’s android phone, then it would be best to subscribe to the android spy app. A user will receive all the credentials through email and then a user has to get access to the online control panel of the smartphone spy software for android. Once a user has successfully completed the installation process of cell phone tracking app on the target Android phone having a physical access, then they just need to activate it. Now the mobile phone surveillance software is ready to spy on your target android phone remotely.

Spy on Android phone remotely

A user can track the android phone remotely with the help of cell phone spyware and it provides a user such tools that can track all the activities happen on the Android gadgets to the fullest. Let’s take a look at all the tools that empower a user to monitor the Android phones remotely.

Use Android GPS location tracker

The user can use it if they have already installed the GPS location tracker on the target Android phone. It empowers users to track the GPS location of the target mobile phone device. It further enables user to get the current and exact GPS location of the android phone gadget. Moreover, a user will get location history, weekly location history and user will be able to set the safe and prohibited areas on the target gps location tracker android remotely.

Live screen recording of the phone

A user can do the live and remotely screen recording of the target cell phone device by using the live screen recording tool of the cell phone spying app. It allows user to do chrome screen recording, IM’s screen recording, password chaser, camera screen recording, Gmail screen recording, SMS screen recording and last but not the least YouTube screen recording.

Remotely Android phone controller

It further provides users ability to remotely control the android phone device to the fullest. A user can view all the installed apps on the phone, to block all the incoming calls, all the incoming text messages and even it enables a user to block the internet on the device and target android user will not be able to perform any online activity.

Track IM’s on Androids

Users are obsessed with the use of cell phone downloaded social messaging apps and if a user doesn’t want that the target user should not use the particular instant messaging apps. They can use the IM’s social media of the android spy app and they will get their hands on IM’s logs, IM’s chat and conversations, shared media files and Voice messages sent through the messenger on the phone.

Use spy 360 for Android

It is the best and latest tool for spying android cell phone, it allows user to listen to the calls and conversations and the surroundings through the spy 360 live surround listening. Moreover, it allows users to do live camera streaming of the phone with the help of live camera streaming app for android phone. A user can share the screen activities live into the online control panel of the cell phone spying softwarefor androids with the help of live screen sharingof spy 360.

Spy on Android Keystrokes, calls & SMS

A user can track all the keystrokes applied on the target cell phone device. It allows user to get their hands on password keystrokes, messenger keystrokes, email and SMS keystrokes. It further empowers user to record live calls on the target Android phone though spy on calls and enable a user to step ahead to monitor text messages through SMS tracker for androids phones.


Ailsa Bronwen is a writer, Journalist Social media activist  & Freelancer Technology Writer. Currently she is affiliated with TheOneSpy. To know more about her, follow her on Twitter @ailsabronwen40


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