If ever you get lost in the wilderness, your prime concern will be trying to get back to safety as soon as possible in good health. Critical to this endeavor is finding a shelter that will protect you from the elements, keeping safe from predators and accidents, as well as finding adequate nourishment. Here’s how you can keep yourself alive by foraging and hunting for fish and animals:

Edible Greens, Nuts, and Fruits

Finding enough food can be a major concern. The nutrition is essential for physical activity as well as to keep your motivation up. In any forest, there are a number of tree leaves and flowers that you can eat.Similarly, there are a number of nuts like the hazelnut and walnut that are found in profusion. In tropical countries, you are never too far away from a coconut tree or a banana plant that are great sources of nutrition. Depending on the season, you are likely to find a large number of fruits to satiate your hunger. However, you must be sure that they are edible. If you are staying at any of the Tadoba National Park resorts, you can ask the staff which fruits and nuts are in season locally.

Insects, Bugs, and Eggs

Even though the very thought of eating insects may turn your stomach, there is perhaps nothing better than insects for survival as they are full of proteins and fats. What’s more, generally they are very easy to find in the vegetation around you.All you need to do is to look under rotting tree stumps and logs or the underside of leaves to discover grasshoppers, crickets, locusts, ants, and snails. Avoid having them raw; boil or roast, if possible, to avoid parasites that may pass on to you. Try to locate some bird nests for eggs that are very nutritious.



If you find a pool or a running stream, you are sure to be feasting on tasty fish very soon as they can be caught very simply if you are ingenious. Following the tracks of wild animals is a good way of discovering a source of freshwater that you can also use for drinking. The easiest way of catching fish is with a spear that you can fashion easily with a knife. Alternatively, use a piece of a cloth as a net or even create a fishing rod or line with a reed and a safety pin with an insector a worm as a bait.

Small Game

Being normally fleet-footed, small game like rabbits, squirrels, fowl, etc. can be relatively difficult to catch. Build a trap if you have the resources and the patience for nabbing an unwary animal or test your luck with a well-aimed stick to knock your target out.


It is common to assume that when you are lost in the jungle, food is going to be scarce. However, if you are observant and clever, you will be amazed to discover multiple food sources that you can use to survive till you are rescued.


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