When holiday hunting, there’s nothing like a one off and unique travel experience tempting you to foreign climates. Of course you don’t just have to make do with just one destination, with a sailing holiday you can see a multitude of different places and all whilst enjoying the fresh cool air of the open waters. A ship on the open seas offers not just an adventure and not just a challenge, but also the thrill and excitement of a wide range of new experiences.

Looking for Adventure
Overseas adventure travel is a must for adrenaline junkies and those looking for something out of the ordinary. Whilst some might settle for a traditional beach holiday, some prefer to experience the sea first hand. A sailing vacation means getting up close and personal with the ocean, feeling the breeze, tasting the salt and getting a front row view of an incredible range of marine life. From exotic fish to coral reefs and unusual plant life, sailing is a great way to experience life from a different perspective.

Many sailing adventures will come packed full of activities with evening acts, fine dining, swimming, fishing and diving all on offer. However, many focus on the places that will be visited on route. With sailing trips available in destinations all around the world travellers can choose to take an adventure in places that were once the playground of pirates and famous explorers.

For instance, what better way to spend a vacation than re-tracing the steps of pirates sailing across the brilliant blue waters of the Caribbean or experiencing the exotic sights and sounds of the Orient? Take a tall ship reminiscent of the well travelled ships of the 18th century. You can even get a chance to help the crew or take a turn at steering.

Family vacations on the seven seas
Overseas adventure travels don’t come much better than a vintage voyage, chartered sailing boat or luxury yacht. Unless, of course, you travel with your family. Whilst the masses struggle to find a holiday to suit the whole family, those that opt for sailing will have no trouble keeping everyone happy.

A great way to get young people involved and interested in the places they visit is to get them involved in the mechanism by which they travel. Being part of a crew, both young and old will enjoy the journey and once each stage of the course is completed, the whole family can enjoy a bit of rest and relaxation.

Island hopping and enjoying some of the sandy beaches dotted along the coastline is an excellent way to spend time on dry land, Choose an all-inclusive sailing vacation and you won’t even have to worry about how and where you eat or how much things are going to cost.

Action and adventure might be the name of this game, but this is a holiday that will rejuvenate both body and mind. A dynamic vacation that will present travellers with surprises around every corner, a sailing trip will be one of the most memorable of all family holidays.


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