One of the most comfortable and stylish pieces of clothing are tops. You can experiment with them in any way you like. Carry them waist length or wear a few crops, tops are something that you can really play around with.

Well, if you are fond of wearing tops but you like to keep it simple, then there are some tops that you have to have in your wardrobe and the best way to do that would be to try out some latest tops online and shop for the ones that you like! Wondering what these tops are that you must have this season? Check out the list here:

  1. You have to have the basic three quarter sleeve solid coloured top. You can have them in red or black or even white- but this one top that you simply have to have. You can pair them up with jeans or you can tuck them in and wear them with pencil skirts or even better long skirts. These are really fashionable since they highlight the right curves you can wear statement necklace pieces with them. If you want to keep it ethnic then opt for oxidised silver jewellery with these tops when you wearing it with a skirt.
    Make it to the top of the fashion radar with the right tops2. Another top that you have to have these days, especially with the summers being here is the cold shoulder top. You cannot say no to cool shoulder in the summers can you? These tops come generally in very traditional and Victorian designs with the cold shoulder being a trendy break. You can go for cold shoulder tops crop tops and wear them with high waist jeans or even as a blouse with a trendy saree, which will surely make a lovely impression.
  1. Another one of the latest tops online are the peplum tops. These are ideal for all the evenings that you want to head out with your friends. In fact the beauty about peplum tops is that they are both casual as well as formal at the same time. So when going to the club you can opt for a peplum top whereas even while heading out for a family dinner, this is something that you can opt for. Beautiful and with flare, peplum tops are in the top of the fashion radar and so you have to have them in your wardrobe!
  2. Always have a couple of spaghetti tops in your wardrobe. If you want go for the fitted ones or even the slightly loose ones. You can wear them with shirts or simply head out to the beach after pairing them up with a pair of shorts. These are comfortable and definite must haves.
  3. And finally, the other top type that you have to have in your wardrobe is the long tops with slit in the middle from your navel. These are beautiful and flowing and hence help in making quite an impression when out on a brunch date.

So now that you know the tops that can get the fashion temperature soaring, it is time to get them for yourself!


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