There are many dishes that grace the culinary palette of the Indian homeland. Due to the diversity of the Indian populace, there are vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes, as well as specifications within these broad categories. Among the meat based items, mutton dish is an attractive novelty. A finger licking delicacy, there is a lot about the preparation that the general public is unaware of. Read on to be one of the few discerning ones.

Origin of Mutton Curry

The very first trace of this item can be found in West Bengal. Natively known as ‘kosha mangsho’, this mutton dish is prepared on the occasion of Kali Puja. Conventionally, the dish is an intrinsic part of the celebration. From this traditional root, mutton curry has adopted by the neighbouring states and eventually spread throughout the country.

Reason behind Popularity

This mutton based dish is quite predominant in the food palette of the Indian subcontinent. The main reason for such appeal of this curry is due to its zest of flavour. The mutton is cooked in such a way that the juices of the meat sit on the tongue for quite a while. The concoction of the spices with the mixture of tomato and onion make for a bonanza of flavours, completely satisfying the taste buds.

Variations of the Dish

The traditional Bengali version of the dish (kosha mangsho) has more quantities of gravy – as compared to the juice – in contrast with other curries. The meat is prepared by the ‘kosha’ method: here, the mutton is cooked in such a manner that the moisture and inherent flavour is preserved. This is done by cooking the meat slowly and by sautéing it. Other variations have come up though: in some cases, the mutton has a lot more juice, and in others, the gravy quantity is less. Railway mutton curry is prepared with the base of coconut milk.

Occasion to Prepare Mutton Curry

Originally prepared alongside the Kali Puja traditions, the tradition still stands to this date. However, that does not the consumption of the dish is limited to that one particular time of the year. These days, it is increasingly served at restaurants as a favoured delicacy. There are many eateries in Kolkata that especially pride themselves on their preparation of the dish. That being said, this preparation can be found as easily in any part of the country.

How to Serve Mutton Curry

Conventionally, mutton curry has always been served with rice, which is always true of the kosha mangsho version. However, there are times when it served with raji. Many alternatives have cropped up in various regional areas. Some serve with puri, some even serve it with roti canai! It all depends on the type of mutton curry that one is having, as the accompaniment always have regional variations. One thing that remains the same throughout is the fact that this curry should always be served piping hot.

Anyone who has had a taste of mutton curry is inevitably always left craving for more. An irresistible mutton based preparation, everyone should try it at least once in their life. Those who have not, should immediately rectify this mistake by going to the nearest restaurant or by whipping out a recipe book!


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