The game of Soccer is traditionally predominately a male oriented sport but Women’s soccer teams are proving more and more popular. Women started to significantly participate in Soccer after the First World War when it became a much more popular game for Women as well as men.  The two opposing teams are made up of eleven players on each side and every player is assigned a specific position on the field.  The games take part on a rectangular shaped pitch with a goal net stretched between two posts at either end of the pitch.  The goal posts are inside what is known as The Penalty Box area. The main aim of the game is for a team to score a goal by getting the soccer ball into the opposing teams net.  The team which scores the most goals is the winner, if neither team score or both teams score the same amount of goals then the game is classified as a draw.  If the game has to decide a specific winner then extra time can be allowed and if the teams are still drawn at the end of that period then a penalty shoot-out takes place.

There are three types of player on the soccer team; apart from the Goalkeeper these include defenders, mid-fielders and strikers.  The arrangement or formation of the team is down to the manager and coach, the more attackers or forwards you have up front the more aggressive the style of play.  The attackers try to create goal scoring opportunities and can pass the ball to one another by their feet or heads.  If a player uses their hand to stop or control the ball this is called a hand ball and is deemed an illegal play and the opposing team get a free kick.  If the Hand ball offence is committed inside the Penalty Box area then a Penalty is given, this means the attacking team striker can take a shot at goal from the Penalty Spot. The teams are officiated by a referee and linesmen who help decide if the ball goes out of the field of play and support the referee in decision making. To learn more about Soccer, its players and their tactics watch Sport Drill Videos at a site such aslearn more about soccer online at and become more knowledgeable about the game.


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